decimals to fractions worksheet math olympiad grade 4

Math Olympiad Grade 4 decimals Test-5

  1. Seven hundred sixteen thousandths rounded to the nearest tenth would be?
A. 0.6                  B. 0.72               C. 0.7                  D. 0.8

  1. Which of the following is equal to 0.5?
6/30, 12/36, 26/52, 18/72
          A. 6/30              B. 12/36             C. 18/72             D. 26/32

  1. Which fraction has a decimal value greater than 0.45?
A. 18/24             B. 3/12               C. 9/24               D. 2/5
  1. Which of the following is One hundred Fifty ten-thousandths?
A. 0.150             B. 0.050             C. 0.0150                    D. 0.01050

printable math word problems worksheets for 4th grade on decimals

Math Olympiad Grade 4 decimals Test-4

Decimals Worksheet-4

  1. Which digit is in thousandths place in 54.172?
A. 5                      B. 4                     C. 7                      D. 2

  1. 5 thousandths is same as?
A. 0.05               B. 0.005             C. 0.5                  D. 5,000

  1. 0.04 is the same as _____.
A. 4/10               B. 4/100            C. 4/1000                   D. 4
  1. Which digit in 0.7291 is the thousandths place?
A. 9                     B. 7                      C. 2                     D. 1

  1. Which sign will go in the box?
0.2  □  0.189
A. <                     B. >                     C. =                     D. none of the above

charts and graphs worksheets 4th grade for math olympiad

Maths olympiad grade-4-charts and graphs Test-1

math olympiad problems for 4th graders
  1. Mrs. Harish takes her son Jigar for the check-up every six months. Dr. Patil records Jigar's weight and height in every check-up. Which is the best way for the doctor to record Jigar's weight and height in order to see his growth?
A. Pictograph                                B. Bar graph
C. Line graph                                 D. Circle graph

  1. The following bar graph shows Mr. Smith's earning from Monday through Saturday. See the bar graph to answer this question. How much more did Mr. Smith earn on Sat than on Mon?
A. Rs.20             B. Rs.30             C. Rs.10             D. Rs.40

  1. How much did Mr. Smith earn in a week altogether?
A. Rs.500          B. Rs.480          C. Rs.520                    D. Rs.580
  1. What is Mr. Smith's average weekly income rounded to the nearest ten Rs.?
A. Rs.97             B. Rs.90             C. Rs.100                    D. Rs.95

  1. This bar chart shows the melting temperatures of various metals. See the bar chart to answer this question. What is the melting temperature of Nickel?
A. 1500               B. 1450               C. 1400              D. 1475

International english olympiad class 3 practice tests and sample papers

English Olympiad Grade 3 Test-9

English Grammar Worksheet-9

  1. Anu and Manu raked the soil. Geetu ____ the seeds.
A. plants            B. plant              C. planting        D. planted

  1. Ajav and Vijay jumped over the log. Monu _____over it.
A. stepped         B. stepping        C. steps              D. stepper

  1. The duck was _____in the lake.
A. swims            B. swimming    C. swim              D. swam

  1. Smita ______the cake yesterday.
A. bakes             B. baking           C. baker             D. baked

worksheet for maths class 4 Algebraic Expressions & Equations

Math Olympiad Grade 4 Algebraic Expressions & Equations Test-3

Algebraic notation includes five main components: variablescoefficients, mathematical operators ( addition,
subtraction,multiplication and division) exponents, and parentheses or brackets
algebraic expressions models 4th grade
algebraic expressions worksheets grade 4

Difference between an albebraic expression and an algebraic equation
An algebraic expression contains atleast one variable but doesn't contain an equal to  ( =) sign,whereas an equation contains equal to sign.
for example;
3x+ 2y is an algebraic expression and
3y + 5 = 17 is an equation.

Algebraic Expressions & Equations Worksheet-3

  1. The product of a number and 7 is 63. What is that number?
A. 8                     B. 56                   C. 9                     D. 7

  1. How do you write "n increased by 4" as an equation?
A. n + 4              B. 4n                   C. n − 4              D. 4 = n

  1. Write the following sentence as an algebraic equation. Katrina is y years old. In 5 years she will be 18 years old.
A. 18 ÷ 5 = y      B. y − 5 = 18      C. 5y = 18          D. y + 5 = 18
  1. Monika had n stickers. She gave 32 stickers each to two of her friends. If she has 28 stickers left, what is the value of n?
A. 64                   B. 91                    C. 92                   D. 90 

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