Percentage practice problems for competitive exams preparations

Percentage practice problems Set-1 

1.      If the length of the rectangle is increased by 20% and the width is decreased by 20% then the area:
          (a) decreases by 20%            (b) decreases by 4%    
          (c) Stay the same         (d) increase by 10%

2.      The income of A is 20% less than the income of B, the income of B is 10% less than the income of C. If the income of C is
          Rs. 180, the income of A will be
          (a) Rs. 130                     (b) Rs. 162                   
          (c) Rs. 129.60               (d) Rs. 126

3.      300 grams of sugar solution has 40 % sugar in it. How much sugar would be added to make it 50% in the solution
          (a) 10 grams                           (b) 40 grams                          
          (c) 60 grams                 (d) 80 grams

4.      A shopkeeper fixes the market price of an item 35% above its cost price. The percentage of the discount allowed to gain
          8% is
          (a) 43%                          (b) 27%                         (c) 20%                (d) 31%

5.      The selling price of a certain commodity was reduced by 25%. As a result of it, the sales is increased by 30%.What was the effect of it on the cash collected by the daily sales?
          (a) 5% increase             (b) 5% decrease           
          (c) 2.5% increase          (d) 2.5% decrease

6.      If the price of the kerosene be raised by 10%, find by how much percent a house holder must reduce his consumption of kerosene so that not to increase his expenditure?
          (a) 10%                          (b) 9.09%                     
          (c) 9%                            (d) 8.25%

7.      In measuring the sides of a rectangle, one side is taken 5% in excess, and the other 4% in deficit. What is the change in its area as a percentage?
          (a) 0.4%                         (b) 0.6%                        (c) 0.8%               (d) 1.0%

8.      When 60% of a number is added to a second number, the second number increase by 40%. What percent of first number is the second number?
          (a) 150%                       (b) 120%                       (c)  66 2/3 %                 (d) 75%

9.      Population of the village decrease by 5% in an year. The present population of the village is 68590. What was the population of the village two years ago?
          (a) 75,000                     (b) 80,000                    
(c) 95,000            (d) None of these

10.    33% marks are required to pass an examination. A candidate who get 210 marks fails by 21 marks. The total in the examination are:
          (a) 500                                    (b) 600                                   
(c) 700                           (d) None of these

11.    At what percentage above the cost price must an article be marked so as to gain 33% allowing a customer a discount of 5%:
          (a) 48%                          (b) 43%                         (c) 40%                (d) 38%

12.    A football team won 40% of the total number of the matches it played during an year. If it lost 50% of the matches played and 20 matches were drawn, the total number of matches played by the team during the year are:
          (a) 40                                      (b)50                            
(c) 100                           (d) 200

13.    Successive discount of 10% , 12% and 155 amount to a single discount of:
          (a) 35.28%                    (b) 36.68%                   
(c) 37%                (d) None of these

14.    A man spends 35% of his income on house rent, 75% of the remaining on the other items. What percentage of the income does he have?
          (a) 16.25                       (b) 34.50                      
(c) 48.75              (d) None of these

15.    A person invest 75% in machinery, 10% on raw materials, 10% on employees and has Rs. 20,000 cash with him. How much did he invest in machinery and raw materials together?
          (a) Rs. 17,000/-            (b) Rs. 1,70,000/-                  
(c) Rs. 3,40,000/-         (d) Rs. 34,000/-

16.    Two numbers are respectively 20% and 50% more than a third number. The percentage that is first of the Second is:
          (a) 20%                          (b) 50%                        
(c) 70%                (d) 80%

17.    In a town the population was 8000. In one year, male population increased by 10% and the female population increased  by 8% but the total population imcreased by 9%. The number of males in the town was:
          (a) 4000                        (b) 4500                        (c) 5000               (d) 6000

18.    Price of sugar rises by 20% . By how much % should the consumption of sugar be reduced so that the expenditure does not change?
          (a) 20                                      (b) 10                           
          (c)16 2/3             (d) 15

19.    Applied to a bill for Rs. 1,00,000 the difference between a discount of 40% and two successive discounts of 36% and 4% is:-
          (a) Nil                                      (b) Rs. 1,440/-                       
(c) Rs. 2,500/-               (d) Rs. 4,000/-
20.    A tradesman marks his goods 10% above his cost prie. If he allows the customers 10% discount on the marked price how much profit or loss does it make, if any?
          (a) 1% gain                    (b) 1% loss                   
(c) 5% gain          (d) No gain No loss

21.    In an examination there were 100 boys and 800 girls. 60% of the boys and 50% of the girls passed. Find the % of the  candidated failed:
          (a) 46.4                         (b) 48.4                        
(c) 44.4                (d) 49.6

22.    A discount of 15% on one article is the same as a discount of 20% on a second article. The cost of the two articles can be:
          (a) Rs. 85, Rs. 60           (b) Rs. 40, Rs.20          
(c) Rs. 60, Rs. 40 (d) Rs. 80, Rs. 60

23.    An agent get a commission of 2.5% on the sales of the cloth. If on certain day, he gets Rs. 12.50 as commission, the cloth sold through thim on that day is worth:
          (a) Rs. 250/-                           (b) Rs. 500/-                 
          (c) Rs. 750/-                  (d) Rs. 1,250/-

24.    To a sugar solution of 3 litre containing 40% sugar, 1 litre of water is added. The % of sugar in the solution is:

          (a)13 1/3                       (b) 15                                     
(c) 30                             (d) 33
25.    A number is mistakenly dividend by 5 instead of being multiplied by 5. Find the percentage change in the result due to his mistake.
(a) 96%                          (b) 95%                        
(c) 2400%            (d) None of these

PERCENTAGE Practice problems-Set-2

1.      Which of the following is the largest number?
          (a) 20% of 200         (b) 7% of 500           (c) 1300% of 3       (d) 600% of 7

2.      If 25% of a number is 75, then 45% of that number is:
          (a) 145                      (b) 125                     (c) 150                   (d) 135

3.      In a medical certificate, by mistake a candidate gave his height as 25% more than normal. In the interview panel he clarified that his eight was 5 feet 5 inches. Find the percentage correction made by the candidate from his stated height to his actual height.
          (a) 20                        (b) 28.56                  (c) 25                      (d) None of these

4.      Arjit Sharma generally wears his father’s coat. Unfortunately, his cousin Shaurya poked him one day that he was wearing a coat of length more than his height by 15%. If the length of Arjit’s father’s coat is 120 cm then find the actual length of his coat.
(a) 105                      (b) 108                     (c) 104.34              (d) 102.72

5.      A number is mistakenly dividend by 5 instead of being multiplied by 5. Find the percentage change in the result due to his mistake.
(a) 96%                     (b) 95%                     (c) 2400%              (d) None of these

6.      In  a mixture of 80 litres of milk and water, 25% of the mixture is milk,. How much water should be added to the mixture  so that milk becomes 20% of the mixture?
(a) 20 litres              (b) 15 litres              (c) 25 litres            (d) None of these
7.      The length , breadth and height of a room in the shape of a coboid are increased by 10%, 20% and 50% respectively. Find the percentage change in the volume of the cuboi(d)
(a) 77%                     (b) 75%                     (c) 88%                   (d) 98 %

8.      The salary of Amit is 30% more than that of Varun. Find by what percentage is the salary of Varun less than that of Amit?
(a) 26.12%               (b) 23.07%               (c) 21.23%             (d) None of these

9.      At an election, the candidate who get 56% of the votes cast by 144 votes. Find the total number of voters on the voting list if 80% people cast their vote and there were no invalid votes.
(a) 360                      (b) 720                     (c) 1800                 (d) 1500

10.    A man invests Rs. 10,000 in some shares in the ratio 2 : 3:  5 which pay dividends of 10%, 25% and 20% (on his investment) for that year respectively. Find his dividend income.
(a) 1900                   (b) 2000                   (c) 2050                 (d) 1950

11.    In an examination, Mohit obtained 20% more than Sushant but 10% less than Rajesh. If the marks obtained by Sushant is 1080, find the percentage marks obtained by Rajesh if the full marks is 2000.
(a) 86.66%               (b) 72%                     (c) 78.33%             (d) None of these

12.    Ram spends 20% of his monthly income on his household expenditure, 15% of the rest on books, 30% of the rest on clothes and saves the rest. On counting, he comes to know that he has finally saved Rs. 9520. Find his monthly income.
          (a) 10000                 (b) 15000                 (c) 20000               (d) None of these

13.    On a shelf, the first row contains 25% more books than the second row and the third row contains 25% less books than the second row. If the total number of books contained in all the row. If the total number of books contained in all the rows is 600, then find the number of books in the first row.
          (a) 250                      (b) 225                     (c) 300                   (d) None of these

14.    Last year, the Indian cricket team played 40 one-day cricket matches out of which they managed to win only 40%. This year, so far it has played some matches, which has made it mandatory for it to win 80% of the remaining matches to the maintain its existing winning percentage. Find the number of matches played by India so far this year?
          (a) 30                        (b) 25                        (c) 28                      (d) Insufficient Data

15.    A cow and a calf cost Rs. 2000 and Rs. 1400 respectively. If the pipe of the cow and that of the calf is increased by 20% and 30% respectively then the price of 1 dozen cows and 2 dozens calves is:
          (a) 72,840                (b) 71,360                (c) 74,340              (d) None of these

16.    During winters, an athlete can run ‘x’ metres on one bottle of Glucose. But in the summer, he can only run 0.5x metres on one bottle of Glucose. How many bottles of Glucose are required to run 400 meters during summer?
          (a)800/x                   (b)890/x                   (c)96                       (d) 454/x

17.    Recently, while shopping in Patna Market in Bihar, I came across two new shirts selling at a discount I decided to buy one of them for my little boy Sherry. The shopkeeper offered me the first shirt for Rs. 42 and said that it usually sold for 8/7 of that price. He then offered me the other shirt for Rs. 36 and said that it usually sold for 7/6th of that price. Of the two shirts which one do you think is a better bargain and what is the percentage discount on it?
          (a) first shirt, 12.5% (b) second shirt, 14.28%                       
          (c) Both are same    (d) None of these

18.    4/5th of the voters in Bellary promised to vote for Sonia Gandhi and th erest promised to vote for Sushma Swaraj. Of these voters, 10% of the voters who had promised to vote for Sonia Gandhi, did not vote on the election day, while 20% of the voters who had promised to vote for Sushma Swaraj did not vote on the election day. What is the total no. of votes polled if Sonia Gandhi got 216 votes?
          (a) 200                      (b) 300                     (c) 264                   (d) 100

19.    In an examination, 80% students passed in Physics, 70% in Chemistry while 15% failed in both the subjects. If 325 students passed in the both the subjects. Find the total number of student appeared in the examination.
          (a) 500                      (b) 400                     (c) 300                   (d) 600

20.    The entrance ticket at the PVR theatre in Vikas puri is worth Rs. 250. When the price of ticket was lowered, the sale of tickets increased by 50% while the collection recorded a decrease of 17.5. Find the deduction in the ticket price.
          (a) Rs. 150                (b) Rs. 112.5            (c) Rs. 105              (d) Rs. 120


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